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Signs That Your Construction Contractor Is Exploiting You

Signs That Your Construction Contractor Is Exploiting You

Depending on the project that you need to be handled, you should hire a professional contractor. When you work with the right contractor that the project will be successful. If you fail to hire the right contractor for the job, you will end up incurring losses. 

Considering there is no need to put the entire project at risk, you should be on the lookout for signs to determine whether the contractor is exploiting you or not.

Here are signs that a contractor is exploiting you:

1. They Don’t Want to Sign a Contract

If a contractor prefers a verbal agreement instead of a written contract, they will likely want to exploit you. The main advantage of a contract is that it ensures each party heeds to the agreement. 

Regardless of the project’s scope, you should ensure everything is written down in a legally binding contract. Ensure you’re not associating with a contractor who is unwilling to commit to writing a contract considering they may fail to heed to their end of the deal and get away with it.

2. They Never Attend Meetings on Time

A professional contractor will always arrive at the meeting promptly. When a contractor is late for several meetings, it means they’re not good time managers, and they may fail to complete the project on time. 

3. They Fail to Breakdown the Cost of the Project Accordingly

Before hiring a contractor, you should ensure they have provided a quote. You can request the contractor to provide a breakdown of the costs afterward, considering the quote should be well detailed such that it includes each item to be used for the project and the price.

If a contractor is not willing to provide such important details, they will likely want to exploit you. Without such details, you won’t be knowledgeable about what’s happening with your project.

4. They Don’t Have Online Presence.

Due to technological advancement, many contractors usually market their services online. The common marketing techniques include social media marketing. As a result, the contractor won’t lack reviews on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. Therefore, if the contractor has no online presence, you won’t get to learn about their reputation easily.

5. They Offer Low Prices as Compared to Other Contractors

When it comes to the construction sector, a low bid is somewhat enticing, considering you’ll manage to save a significant sum of money. A low bid should be more of a red flag instead of the best option. 

If a contractor offers a low price, they will take some shortcuts, and the end product will be substandard. For instance, they can use low-quality materials and also make use of cheap labor. If the contractor is reliable, they will offer reasonable prices. They will also not opt for shortcuts.

6. They May Fail to Issue References

If a contractor is credible and confident with the quality of services they’re offering, they won’t hesitate to issue references. When you engage a contractor, and they’re not comfortable with issuing references, there is a high likelihood their reputation is tainted. They don’t want you to learn about reality.

7. They’re Not Experienced

Experience is among the major qualities that you should consider when hiring a construction contractor. You should ensure that you’re working with a contractor who has the necessary experience

There are instances whereby you’re dealing with a new contractor who doesn’t have any experience, and they will not handle the project accordingly. In this case, you won’t get value for money, and it means the contractor has exploited you such that they were not honest.

8. The Contractor is Not Insured

Regardless of whether the contractor is experienced or not, they can experience an accident. What happens after an accident? If the contractor is insured, the insurance firm will cater to the damages.

If not, you’ll be tasked with paying for the damages. To avoid some of these issues, you should ensure the contractor has worker’s compensation insurance. If the contractor is not willing to get an insurance policy, they will likely want to exploit you.

Final Thoughts

We have looked into eight signs that a contractor is exploiting you. When hiring a contractor ( , you should consider each of these signs such that you’ll get to hire the right contractor. Also, if the contractor is not enthusiastic, they may want to exploit you. 

For instance, they’re not willing to answer any question that you have. In such instances, there is a likelihood the contractor doesn’t care as much about your construction project.

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